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Orphan and Vulnerable Children Support ProgrammeIn its continuous effort to advocate the Ubuntu principles into community life through Ubuntu Leadership practices, The Novalis Ubuntu Institute designed an Advanced Youth Leadership and Mentoring Training Program with the intention of enhancing the leadership skills of youth leaders 18-35 years old who are already actively involved in community work.

The primary objective of the Program is to develop Youth Leaders into future community leaders who will make a positive and creative contribution to their communities and strengthen the fabric of the South African civil society. This program is fundamentally grounded in a new understanding of how the world works. The world we have created is the result of our way of thinking, thus this programme attempts to create a new ‘mindset’ in the mind of the participants, which in turn will shift their sense of identity towards a full and complete acceptance of each other as legitimate, deserving and committed human beings.

The programme establishes core competencies around topics such as: effective communication, conflict resolution, facilitation skills, leadership styles and ethics, effective decision-making, and transformational leadership. The programme also attempts to help the student develop his or her own leadership development plan supported by a networking, mentoring and coaching component and the execution of a Final Project which will be added to the participant’s portfolio of evidence, as evidence of his/her new set of acquired skills.

Programme Deliverables


The Advanced Youth Leadership and Mentoring Programme will help achieve the following objectives:

  1. Build a cadre of more effective & empowered youth leaders across civil society
  2. Create a stronger community of youth leaders to better enable teamwork based on Ubuntu Principles & Practices
  3. Expand the talent pool of future youth leaders; and
  4. Align youth leaders’ values to the strategic priorities of the South African Civil Society


Planned Activities

The Advanced Youth Leadership and Mentoring Programme will be delivered in eight (8) modules to be delivered over a period of 8 months.   Each module will include 12 hours of training.  The total programme includes 144 hours of in-house training.

These do not include additional mentoring/coaching sessions, which will be part of the additional components of the programme depending on the individual youth’s needs and development plan.  Each module will be presented through lectures, one-on-one exercises, small and large group discussions & exercises, practical applications and visualizations.


Module 1 Introduction to the Programme & Assessment of Individual and Group Needs.
Module 2 Motivating the Leaders Spirit.  Leadership styles, spiritual leadership, transformational leadership & leadership ethics: developing your own plan for leadership development.
Module 3 Project development & visioning, proposal writing & funding. The Keys to obtaining Financial Control of Your Life.
Module 4 Effective communication skills & public speaking, including non-violent communication.
Module 5 Diversity, Conflict resolution, & effective decision-making,
Module 6 Effective facilitation skills for accelerated learning,
Module 7 Effective networking, interviewing skills, and using technological tools & peer support
Module 8 Programme Review.  Presentation of Individual Projects. Graduation ceremony.


Three Programme Components

In addition to the 8 modules, during the course of the programme, the participant will be require to develop a Final Community Project in any area he/she chooses which will demonstrate the newly acquired skills, values and knowledge.   This Final Project will be presented on the Final Day/Graduation (Module 8).  To ensure the continuity of the participants leadership development plan, and to support the participant during the planning and execution of the Final Project the following three components will be implemented:

  1. The Mentoring Component. Each participant will be required to enlist the help of three (3) mentors in their chosen areas of development.
  2. The Networking & Peer Support Component. With the intention of creating a support system around the student, a Master Mind (MM) group will be created.  Master Mind are weekly support groups made up of 3-5 participants that serve to support each other, share resources and knowledge, and maintain accountability towards their individual goals/plan for development.
  3. The Coaching Component. Working in close partnership with a coaching organization/school, each participant will be assigned a Life Coach, with whom he/she will meet regularly.  The coach will provide the additional objective and ‘on the ground’ support of the participant through out the programme.


Graduation Ceremony & Presentation of Final Projects

The last module/weekend will include a graduation ceremony and presentation of projects.  Future programme applicants, family, friends, community leaders and stakeholders, as well as funders will be invited to the graduation ceremony.

Follow-Up Activities

A website will be create and provide information on the Advanced Youth Leadership Training & Mentoring Programme and report the data collected from the participants of the training.   The website will also serve as place for Youth Leaders to share information, and resources with each other.


Application Process

To apply for this programme please submit a one page motivational letter describing why you should be selected as a participant of this programme and how do you expect to benefit from it.  Please send your submission via email to For additional information about the Ubuntu Spirit Leadership Training Programme please call (021) 797-1857.

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