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This is a historic moment. Yesterday, a 1000 page lawsuit was successfully served on Standard Bank, the South African Reserve bank and the Minister of Finance. These documents, which were filed at the Constitutional Court of South Africa (case number CCT28/12), expose the money creation and so-called “lending” processes of banks.


The documents are a matter of public record, and you can read everything on You can also comment and discuss the case with others. Some photos, and a press release by Michael Tellinger, may be viewed here.

The board of the New Economic Rights Alliance has resolved to join the case as amicus curiae (“friend of the court”). Our NPO is specifically geared towards transparency in the banking sector and we represent thousands of Members who are unhappy with the way in which the banks have been conducting their business.

Each and every South African should follow this case and learn how the banking system works. The place to start is at

We are proud to be associated with an initiative that could have global consequences.


25th April 2012

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