NATURAL EYESIGHT IMPROVEMENT Free Introductory Lecture by Lawrence Batchelor

NATURAL EYESIGHT IMPROVEMENT Free Introductory Lecture Learn what is required to improve your eyesight naturally with the Bates Method by Lawrence Batchelor

Learn what is required to improve your eyesight – Naturally – without the need for glasses, contact lenses, surgery, drugs or any other unnatural means! Lawrence Batchelor has been researching natural eyesight improvement for the past 6 years in order to overcome his own struggles with presbyopia, or age related shortening of the arm! Finally, the journey led to the true Bates method – which does not involve any exercises, but three simple vision habits to be integrated 24 hours a day! By relearning the natural vision habits we learned as a child, the muscles around the eyes can relax, and we can return to normal vision. Do cuts and abrasions heal? Can broken bones mend? Does disease go into remission? Why should our eyesight be any different? And does the quality of our eyesight fluctuate on a day to day, hour to hour, or even minute by minute basis?       William Bates was an ophthalmologist who lived in the early 20th century. These are some of the questions that led him to conduct extensive scientific research into functional problems of the eyes. He discovered that these problems were caused by visual and other forms of stress. Not only did he correct his own visual problem, “stone hard” presbyopia (age related long sightedness), but he helped thousands of students to improve their vision over an extended career. The “Bates Method” has been taught by countless teachers for more than a century!

Lawrence is also a qualified Iyengar Yoga Teacher and for many years has been exploring various natural healing and development processes.

Free Introductory Lecture date: 6.45 for 7 pm on Monday 29th September 2014 at Novalis Ubuntu Institute

A 7 week course of one evening class per week starts on Monday 6th October.

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