A non-profit organization, Novalis Ubuntu is a very respected source for personal growth and wellness programs. Every year, hundreds of people attend life-changing workshops, trainings, and conferences at Novalis Ubuntu. Through their experience, each participant becomes part of a growing community of extraordinary people who find integrated solutions to the challenges in their own life and in the world.

In order to continue to fulfill our mission to awaken the best of the Ubuntu spirit, we need the support of friends like you. Your support meets the needs that tuition cannot fully cover. Every gift contributes to a more sustainable and healthy future for all, one where the understanding of the interdependence of life becomes a blueprint for living.

Consider making a gift to Novalis Ubuntu today. Become a membersupport a specific major project, create an endowment, or contact us to explore other opportunities.

Together we can be responsible stewards of the interconnected web of life that sustains us all.

The Novalis Ubuntu Institute for Holistic Education is a qualified Section 21 tax-exempt, not for profit organization under South Africa Law. Contributions are tax-deductible, as allowed by the law. No taxable goods or services are provided in consideration of gifts, unless stated otherwise. A copy of the last annual report filed may be obtained upon request by writing to Novalis Ubuntu Institute, PO Box 53090, Kenilworth, Cape Town 7745 or calling (021) 797-1857.

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