The Ubuntu Spirit

In the Xhosa and Zulu languages Ubuntu means “people are people through other people.”

When we speak about the Ubuntu Spirit, we’re referring to the spirit of oneness, unity, love, peace and compassion, which expresses itself in a desire to help others and includes everyone.  As Nelson Mandela explains, “The spirit of ubuntu – that profound African sense that we are human only through the humanity of other human beings – is not a parochial phenomenon, but has added globally to our common search for a better world.”

The call for our times is to discover this better world by nurturing the spirit of Ubuntu, not only within us but also in all those around us. As the African saying goes, “When there is Peace in the individual, there is Peace in the family. When there is Peace in the family, there is Peace in the community. When there is Peace in the community, there is Peace in the nation. When there is Peace in the nation, there is Peace in the world.”

At the Novalis Ubuntu Institute we envision a world where people share their unique gifts, talents and resources in the Spirit of Ubuntu and today’s event is an opportunity to explore and demonstrate how this can be put into practice.

We invite you to enjoy yourself and celebrate the best of the Ubuntu Spirit within each of us!

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